MRT SUPERTEC temperature mobile detector is a simple and quick system to obtain a precise temperature profile along the kiln tunnel.
The temperature profile arises from the continuous recording by means of the equipment inserted on the bottom of the kiln car through the process of continuous data acquisition which are transferred to a computer in order to examine and solve issues that arise from the temperature deviation from the real one to the ideal one.

Its advantages:

  • Possible production increase
  • Firing curves optimization
  • Optimization of the brick pack layout
  • Pressures optimization
  • Optimization of the air / fuel ratio
  • Reduction of unburnt elements
  • Reduction of waste material

Optimization of production and energy consumption

If you are not satisfied with the consumption, or the operation of your system, you can request for an inspection by one of our specialized technicians, and according to your needs, you will be able to obtain in one day the exact diagnosis of the operation of your system and evaluate with the utmost precision how to intervene to solve any problems.

  • Intervention of our technician
  • diagnosis of the system
  • recommended spare parts list

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