SUPERTEC FIRE is a new initiative, based on an idea of excellence to supply the general industry sectors and the ceramics and heavy clay industry with the best solutions known up-to-date from the technological and industrial point of view in the combustion field.

The idea that distinguishes the activity of SUPERTEC FIRE is to study and propose products and solutions that represent the best which the technology can give today, with the aim to achieve the best results in terms of efficiency resulting in combustion, and the maximum possible energy saving based on the optimal control of the air / fuel mixture and push type spraying of the liquid and solid fuels.

Basing on various experiences gained in the field of forty year work, a group of engineers has created a wide range of products, for the use of solid fuels, liquid fuels, which will combine high efficiency and high reliability.
The mission is not to stop at the level of what has been achieved so far but to improve continuously the product and always look towards an idea of perfection.